Source: Original manuscript notes from Karl Marx. 1845. “The German Ideology” from his Chapter on Feuerbach. Discovered in the early 1960s and proof that Marx too was a doodler.

The Editorial Collective at Red Quill Books is always pleased to consider new book proposals.

Whether you are a social scientist, activist, artist or political commentator, we are interested in hearing from you. We generally publish in three streams:

Radical comix;
Critical academic books that are peer-reviewed;
Critical books that are not peer-reviewed that may include course books or radical dispatches, praxis, theory and/or commentaries.


Your proposal should consist of:

  an introductory cover letter briefly describing the project, author(s)/editors and timeline;
  a prospectus explaining the (i) subject of your manuscript, (ii) its contribution to the existing literature, (iii) its intended audience, including potential course adoption and commitments, (iv) its place among related publications, and (v) the political stance of the work in relation to the existing literature;
  a draft table of contents, including a list of contributors for edited anthologies;
  a sample section or chapter if available;
  an abbreviated curriculum vitae and short bios for each contributor to a proposed anthology.

The entire proposal need not exceed 3 pages (not including #4 or #5 above). The Editorial Collective operates on a volunteer basis so we ask that proposals submitted to Red Quill Books not be under consideration with another publisher.


A few points to keep in mind about who we are and how we deal with your manuscript:

  RQB is a Print-On-Demand publisher committed to green production principles. That means we drastically reduce supply chain waste by avoiding the needless stockpiling of inventory, cutting down trees, transporting books and recovering them for destruction.
  We are also green by being a self-sufficient, non-subsidized press. Canadian academic book publishing subsidies are actually based on dated and wasteful practices such as guaranteed production runs and high inventory to sales ratios.
  By being self-sufficient our peer-review process is also not beholden to third-party granting agencies that may not share our authors’ radical mission. If we like your book, we’ll support it.

A “local managing committee” decides on the viability of your proposed book. When we get your finished manuscript it is sent out for peer-review. At least one of the reviewers is from our own larger Collective. Our goal is to have books available for production within three months of final acceptance.

We are distributed in Canada through Brunswick Books and internationally through Ingram. Your book will be available worldwide only days after it is produced.


Send your proposal by email to: