Andrew Gayed Awarded 2014 Red Quill Books Graduate Scholarship

The scholarship adjudication committee is pleased to announce that the 2014 Red Quill Books Graduate Scholarship has been awarded to Andrew Gayed, a Canadian-Egyptian, Ottawa-based artist expressing his political freedom through artistic expression and academic research.

Completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts with a Minor in Women’s and Gender studies, themes of race, displacement, and sexuality are foundational in his practice. Currently an MA Candidate in Art History at Carleton University, his dissertation investigates Middle Eastern Contemporary Art and the political work that is being produced by the North American diaspora.

This includes Middle Eastern artists (such as himself) working from Canada and the United States; his timely research emphasizes themes of migration, and researching the political artwork that is associated with the diasporic community, an identity category not focused on in traditional investigations of Middle Eastern Contemporary Art.

Red Quill Books is happy to formally recognize Andrew at an event coinciding with a conference this summer.

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