Join Red Quill Books at the Left Forum in New York City

As austerity measures intensify around the world, the axe has come down particularly hard on public- and private-sector unions, the un/underemployed, and those denied status, with particularly marked gendered and racialized dimensions.

Red Quill Books is featuring two of our own writers and two editors from our Editorial Collective on the following panel at the Left Forum in New York City:

Austerity, Security and Resistance

D. Panel Session 1—Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 11:50 a.m., W626

Carlo Fanelli, Carleton University: “Neoliberalism’s Last Stand or Comeback?”

Greg Albo, York University: “From Rescue Strategies to Exit Strategies: A Working Class Response?”

George Rigakos, Carleton University: “Security, Pacification & the Fabrication of Social Order”

Justin Paulson, Carleton University: “Social Movements & the Crisis”

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