The Che Factor is the quiz that measures how closely your choices match up with Che Guevara’s. There are 5 scenario questions asking you to choose between 4 different outcomes. These are loosely based on actual events that took place during Che’s life. What path will you choose?


The Critical Social Research Collaborative (CSRC) is an interdisciplinary research collective consisting of faculty, graduate students, trade union and community activists based at Carleton University,


Brunswick Books is our Canadian distributor. Since 1972, their mandate has been “to provide progressive books from progressive publishers to progressive people.”


Alternate Routes: A Journal of Critical Social Research is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal published annually in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University by a collaborative editorial committee consisting of faculty and graduate students. Established in 1977, AR has sought to provide an intellectual forum for engaging debate and interdisciplinary inquiry.


The Socialist Project does not propose an easy politics for defeating capitalism or claim a ready alternative to take its place. We oppose capitalism out of necessity and support the resistance of others out of solidarity.


Becco Giallo is a supremely cool Italian comic book house focusing on radical themes.