Neoliberalism and the Degradation of Education

Red Quill Books is very pleased to announce the publication of the 2015 issue of Alternate Routes entitled: Neoliberalism and the Degradation of Education published in partnership with Athabaska University Press and Edited by Carlo Fanelli and Bryan Evans. To order a print copy please click here or go to the University of Toronto bookstore.

In this issue, you will find more than a dozen contributions dealing with a range of topics, including corporate influences on campus, precarious work and trade union struggles, international policy developments and ethnographic research. In addition, our Interventions section contains a number of interviews with noted scholars, activists and policy makers, as well as critical engagements with the theory and practice of education and case studies of marginalized youth.

The articles collected here provide a vivid portrait of the challenges confronting education and puts forward alternative pathways that challenge the commodification of schooling and learning. Please see the attached Editorial Introduction or visit for more information. We would also like to thank Nicolas Carrier for all his hard work as Book Reviews co-editor over the last five years, and welcome Rebecca Schein onboard in her new role.

All previously published material is available online free of charge, including video presentations from past conferences and symposia. As an open-access publication we rely on your generous donations in order to fulfill our mandate of being a public academic journal. We hope that you will show your support by donating to “One of the first and longest-lasting responses to the stifling effects of traditional academic journal publication practices in the social sciences” (Research Resources for the Social Sciences).

To view our current Conference and Issue Call For Papers, Labour Pains, Capital Gains: The Paradox of Low-wage, No-Wage Work, please visit us online or see the attached PDF. Deadline for submissions is January 31, 2015.

On behalf of the entire Alternate Routes Editorial Team, thank you for your continued support!

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