Read the interview of the Editor of the Communist Manifesto Illustrated, by Bryan Munn of Canadian Comix News on socialism, comic books, and the mystery artist of chapter one.

Carleton University Press release – “Carleton Prof takes Unique Approach to Teaching About Communism”

“Carleton Prof. George Rigakos is taking an “anything but textbook” approach to his teaching and writing. He is creating a four-part comic book series that features the original words of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels as expressed in the Communist Manifesto. The first volume is now available.”

The Metro News – “Comic Books are About More than Just Superheroes”

“Next year, I’m hoping to incorporate it into one of my courses on police and capital. I think it would do particularly well in an introduction to political science-type course… The format is more contemporary, interesting and colourful to engage students, ” says professor Rigakos.

Listen to a CKCU Interview on the mission of Red Quill Books with Editor George Rigakos:
Listen to George S. Rigakos discussing Red Quill Books on CFRA 580 with Mike Harris and John Counsell: