Antonio Negri Illustrated: Interview in Venice

Antonio Negri Illustrated: Interview in Venice

Revolutionary, philosopher, best-selling author, political prisoner and one-time exile, Antonio Negri is today considered one of the world’s most influential radicals. His long-standing participation in political struggle and his contemporary analysis of social movements have reshaped the way we view resistance and the potential for revolution in an age of globalization. Claudio Calia takes us on an intimate visit to Negri’s Venice home as we sit amidst busts of Lenin, communist propaganda, and the ghosts of 1968. A truly insightful book that traces the connections between Negri’s revolutionary experiences and his most recent thinking on “multitudes”. Beautifully illustrated and elegantly narrated, the book is both indispensible to the beginner yet a must-have for readers already familiar with Negri’s works.

Book Details

Written by: Claudio Calia
Translated by: Jason Francis Mc Gimsey
ISBN: 9781926958132
Year: 2011
Pages: 156
Price: $24.50 USD


“I’m rather old now… Claudio has given me back my youth. He interpreted the years when I fought, with joy, together with a multitude of comrades, for a generous idea of democracy. Claudio knows how to show the energy, the wisdom and the hope of that epoch…”

Antonio Negri, co-author of Empire, Commonwealth and Multitude (all with Michael Hardt), Negri on Negri, Goodbye Mr. Socialism (with Raf Valvola Scelsi) and In Praise of the Common (with Cesare Cassarino)


“The book manages to succeed both as a primer for Negri’s complex thinking and as a gripping graphic narrative of the wild ride he’s had over a half-century of creativity, provocation, struggle and reflection.”

Timothy S. Murphy, Reviewed in Radical Philosophy (173) 2012.

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