Capitalism and Confrontation: Critical Readings

Capitalism and Confrontation: Critical Readings

Capitalism and Confrontation offers current, original analyses of the crisis in its financial, ecological, and political dimensions and the ways people are fighting back.The contributors, from a variety of scholarly, political, and activist perspectives, challenge the dominant narratives of the crisis and its history. As financiers and politicians today insist on greater austerity, the case studies collected in this anthology provide a glimpse of the confrontation and resistance that is indeed occurring throughout the globe.

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Edited by: Justin Paulson, Carlo Fanelli, Priscillia Lefebvre and Gulden Ozcan
ISBN: 978-1-926958-21-7
Year: 2012
Pages: 216
Price: $32.50 USD

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Social Movements and the Crisis
Justin Paulson, Carlo Fanelli, Priscillia Lefebvre and Gülden Özcan

Chapter 2: 8 Theses About Marx and Socialist Alternatives
Michael A. Lebowitz

Chapter 3: Renewing Working Class Politics: Marx’s and Engels’ Challenge to the Labour Movement
Carlo Fanelli


Chapter 4: (Re)Conceptualizing Eco-governance: An Integrated Gramscian-Polanyian Approach to Political Ecology
Alda Kokallaj

Chapter 5: The Triple Crisis: Food, Finance, and Climate Change
Susan Spronk

Chapter 6: The Canadian Autoworkers: Responses to Neoliberal Restructuring and Capitalist Crisis
Tim Fowler

Chapter 7: Neoliberal Politics, State and Privitization in Turkey: The Case of Tekel
Simten Coşar & Aylin Özman

Chapter 8: Empire in the Philippines: A War Against the People
Priscillia Lefebvre

Chapter 9: Public Services: Making Bonds Between Government(s) and Finance
Elizabeth Cobbett


Chapter 10: Organized Anarchism in the Anti-Capitalist Struggle
Kyle Wark, David Brons and Greg Macdougall

Chapter 11: Ecofeminism in the Indian Himalayas: An Alternative to Technocratic and Market Solutions
Anupam Pandey

Chapter 12: Ontario’s Special Diet Cutback – Austerity and Resistance
John Clarke

Chapter 13: The Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly: Lessons, Prospects, Challenges
Stephanie Ross


“…intelligent, reasonable and radical…inviting us to rethink left strategy and public policy”

Barbara Epstein, University of Caifornia, Santa Cruz


“…forcefully insisting that re-creating a new socialist movement is indispensible to alternate exits from the crisis. A valuable guide to researchers and activists alike.”

Greg Albo, York University

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