The Communist Manifesto Illustrated. Chapter Three – The Proletariat

The Communist Manifesto Illustrated.  Chapter Three – The Proletariat

“Owing to the extensive use of machinery, and to the division of labour, the work of the proletarians has lost all individual character, and, consequently, all charm for the workman. He becomes an appendage of the machine, and it is only the most simple, most monotonous, and most easily acquired knack, that is required of him.

As the repulsiveness of the work increases, the wage decreases. Nay more, in proportion as the use of machinery and division of labour increases, in the same proportion the burden of toil also increases…”

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Editor: George S. Rigakos and Red Viktor (Illustrator)
ISBN: 978-1-926958-02-6
Pages: 32
Price: $12.50 USD

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