Critique and Dissent: An Anthology to Mark 40 Years of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control

Critique and Dissent: An Anthology to Mark 40 Years of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control

Critique and Dissent brings together for the first time in one volume a collection of papers spanning forty years of annual conferences of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control. The European Group is one of the largest international forums for the study of ‘crime’, social harm and mechanisms of control and has been at the forefront of debates and creative developments in the emergence and consolidation of critical criminologies in Europe and beyond.

This edited collection showcases some of the most exciting and innovative contributions since its first conference in 1973, illustrating the theoretical depth and contrasting interpretive frames deployed in the critical analysis of deviancy and social control. The book will be of interest to academics, activists, practitioners, post-graduate and final year undergraduate students in the fields of criminology, penology, social policy, law, socio-legal studies, sociology and other related disciplines.

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Editors: Joanna Gilmore, J.M. Moore and David Scott
ISBN: 978-1-926958-28-6
Year: 2013
Year: 390
Price: $32.50 USD

Table of Contents


1. Critique and Dissent: An Introduction
Joanna Gilmore, J.M. Moore and David Scott

Section A: Theoretical Priorities of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control

2. Towards a ‘Critical, Emancipatory and Innovative Criminology’: An Introduction to Section A
Joanna Gilmore, J.M. Moore and David Scott

3. An Interview with Stanley Cohen.
Maeve McMahon and Gail Kellough

4. European Group for the Study of D Deviance and Social Control Manifesto 1974

5. A New Trend in Criminological Knowledge: The Experience of the European Group for theStudy of Deviance and Social Control
Margherita Ciacci and Mario Simondi

6. Inspirations and Aspirations of a Critical Criminology?
René van Swaaningen

7. Marginal to What?
Phil Scraton

8. In Memoriam 
Andrea Beckmann
Louk Hulsman

9. Panic or Denial: On whether to Take Crime Seriously
Stanley Cohen

10. A Disobedient Visionary with an Enquiring Mind: An Essay on the Contribution of Stanley Cohen
David Scott

11. Working Group on Prison, Detention and Punishment Manifesto 2013

Section B: Critique

12. The Resources of Critique: An Introduction to Section B
Joanna Gilmore, J.M. Moore and David Scott

13. Law Making in a State of Siege: Some Regularities in the Legislative Response to Political Violence
Sebastian Scheerer

14. Neo-liberal Crime Policy: Who Profits
Emma Bell

15.The Demand for the Criminalisation of Pornography: A State-Made Ideological Construction or a Demand
 Articulated in Civil Society?
Dany Lacombe

16. Sexual Violence: The Gender Question as a Challenge to Progressive Criminology and Social Theory
Ase Berge

17. State Control: The Use of Scientific Discoveries
Claus-Peter Behr, Dietlinde Gipsen, Sabine Klien-Sconnefeld, Klaus Naffin and Heiner Zillmer

18.Zemiology Revisited: Fifteen Years On
Paddy Hillyard

Section C: Dissent

19. The Politics of Dissent: An Introduction to Section C
Joanna Gilmore, J.M. Moore and David Scott

20. On Proper and Deviant Criminology–Varieties in the Production of Legitimation for Penal Law
Karl Schumann

21. Profiles in Courage: Problems of Action of the Finnish Gay Movement in Crisis
Olli Stalstrom

22. Women and the Strike: It’s a Whole Way of Life
Welsh Campaign for Civil and Political Liberties

23. Long-Term Imprisonment in Northern Ireland: Psychological or Political Survival?
Bill Rolston and Mike Tomlinson

24. Neglect as Control: Prisoners’ Families
Susan Smith

25. The Decade of Rape
Karen Leander

Appendix 1 41 Conferences of the European Group.

Appendix 2 Table of Contents from Books of conferences proceedings

Appendix 3 Coordinators of the European Group 1973-2013


“Critique and Dissent is to anti-criminology what Protest and Survive was to the anti-nuclear movement… as an anthology, it is a fitting testament to forty years of a genuinely pan-European, critical organisation which remains a challenge to the theoretical, empirical and methodological boundaries of critical social science.”

Steve Tombs, Professor of Criminology, The Open University


“This book documents some of the key theoretical and activist contributions of the European Group… over its first four decades… [and] demonstrates a sound base to inspire future decades of rigorous scholarship, critique, dissent and activism.”

Ann Singleton, Head of the Centre for the Study of Poverty and Social Justice, University of Bristol

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