Demystifying Deleuze: An Introductory Assemblage of Crucial Concepts

Demystifying Deleuze: An Introductory Assemblage of Crucial Concepts

The theoretical work of Gilles Deleuze has transformed cultural studies and has made a significant impact on disciplines as diverse as sociology, queer theory, feminist studies, film, music, and philosophy. Until recently his books were notorious for their density and eccentric flair. While there are a wide array of introductions that complement and clarify his work, this assemblage stands apart by shedding his concepts of jargon and stressing the crucial, radical core of his philosophical ideas. Demystifying Deleuze is a timely and approachable primer for students, scholars and critically-minded readers.

Book Details

Edited by: Rob Shields & Mickey Vallee
ISBN: 978-1-926958-20-0
Year: 2012
Price: $24.50 USD

Table of Contents

Introduction 7

Actualization 11

Affects 13

Animal/Becoming-Animal 17

Arboroscent (compare Rhizomatic) 21

Art and Creativity 25

Assemblage 29

Becoming 33

Body without Organs (BwO) 37

Control/Societies of Control 41

Desire 47

Difference 51

Duration 53

Ecosophy 55

Emergence 59

Event 61

Fabulation 65

Faciality 67

Flow 69

Fold 71

Force 75

Haecceities 79

Image of Thought 83

Immanence/Plane of Immanence 87

Imperceptible (Becoming) 91

Intensity/Intensive 95

Line, Line of Flight 99

Machine 103

Machinic Assemblage 107

Majoritarian/Minoritarian 111

Minor 113

Molar/olecular 117

Multiplicity 121

Nomadic 125

Percepts 129

Plane of Composition 133

Plane of Consistency 137

Potential 141

Power 145

Refrain 149

Rhizome/Arborescent 153

Schizoanalysis 157

Sense 161

Smooth Space 163

Strata 167

Striated Space 171

Subject 175

Subjectification 179

Time Image/Action Image 183

Virtual/Actual 189

War Machine 195


“…an extraordinary accomplishment… assembles in one place all of Deleuze’s major concepts, and explains them in a manner that is clear, concise, and utterly precise… If Deleuze’s work really is, as he often said, a box of tools, then here are the most useful ones, sharpened, tempered, and ready to be put to work.”

Charles Barbour, University of Western Sydney, author of The Marx Machine: Politics, Polemics, Ideology

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