Great Recession-Proof?: Shattering the Myth of Canadian Exceptionalism

Great Recession-Proof?: Shattering the Myth of Canadian Exceptionalism

The articles and interviews collected here problematize prevailing characterizations of recession and recovery. Rather than focusing on narrowly economistic measures, the contributors challenge standard explanations of the Great Recession drawing attention to the classed, ethno-racial and gendered dimensions of austerity and retrenchment. Collectively, the book debunks the myth of Canadian exceptionalism by demonstrating that the aftershocks of the recession are far from over.

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Edited by: Carlo Fanelli and Bryan Evans
ISBN: 9781926958248
Year: 2012
Pages: 282
Price: $24.50 USD

Table of Contents


From Great Recession to Great Deception: Reimagining the Roots of the Crisis
Carlo Fanelli and Bryan Evans


1. The Myth of Canadian Exceptionalism: Crisis, Non-Recovery, and Austerity
Jim Stanford

2. Crisis and Opportunism: Public Finance Trends from Stimulus to Austerity in Canada
Christopher Stoney and Tamara Krawchenko

3. Canada’s Conservative Class War: Using Austerity to Squeeze Labour at the Expense of Economic Growth
Toby Sanger

4. Stabilizing Privatization: Crisis, Enabling Fields, and Public-Private Partnerships in Canad
Heather Whiteside

5. When Resistance Isn’t Futile: Understanding Canadian Labour’s Fight for Decent Pensions
Joel Davidson Harden

6. What is Trade Union Bureaucracy? A Theoretical Account
David Camfield


1. Social Property Relations in the 21st Century: An Interview with Ellen Meiksins Woods
Jordy Cummings

2. Twenty-First Century Socialism and the Global Financial Meltdown: In Conversation with Michael Lebowitz
Rebekah Wetmore and Ryan Romard

3. Neoliberalization and the Matrix of Action: In Conversation with Neil Brenner, Jamie Peck, and Nik Theodore
Peter Brogan

4. Austerity is Bad for Our Health: Gender and Distributional Impacts of Ontario’s 2012 Budget
Shelia Block

5. Austerity and Aboriginal Communities: An Interview with David Newhouse
Carlo Fanelli

6. Climate Change and Crisis: In Dialogue with Simon Dalby
Jen Wrye

7. The Electro-Motive Lockout and Non-Occupation: What Did We Lose? What Can We Learn?
Herman Rosenfeld

8. Beyond the Economic Crisis: This Crisis in Trade Unionism
Sam Gindin


1. Christine Pich – Whitmore, Elizabeth, et al. “Activism That Works.”

2. Natalie Spagnuolo – Engler, Yves. “Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid”

3. Jillian L. Curtin – Toussaint, Eric and Damien Millet. “Debt, the IMF and the World Bank: Sixty Questions, Sixty Answers.”

4. Kevin Partridge – Hill, Gord. “500 Years of Indigenous Resistance.”

5. Tiffany Hall – Frölich, Paul. “Rosa Luxemburg: Ideas In Action.”

6. James Braun – Tully, John. “The Devil’s Milk: A Social History of Rubber.”

7. Rebekah Wetmore – Brouwer, Steve. “Revolutionary Doctors: How Venezuela and Cuba and Changing the World’s Conception of Health Care.”

8. Naomi Alisa Calnitsky – Cockcroft, James. “Mexico’s Revolution Then and Now.”

9. Rania Tfaily – Ruben, Albert. “The People’s Lawyer.”

10. Sabrina Fernandes – Dwyer, Augusta. “Broke but Unbroken: Grassroots Social Movements and Their Radical Solutions to Poverty.”


“…a great debunking of mainstream myths about Canada’s exceptionalism …This issue is not to be missed by anyone genuinely concerned with critical understanding and radical change.”

David McNally, York University


“…outstanding… critically exposing elite efforts to stabilize and routinize neoliberalism, and the value of reistance… a must read issue.”

Stephen McBride, McMaster University


“…moves from analysis to prescription and helps set the stage for a badly-needed counter-attack.”

Andrew Jackson, York University

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