Silent Violence: Neoliberalism, Islamist Politics and the AKP Years in Turkey

Silent Violence: Neoliberalism, Islamist Politics and the AKP Years in Turkey

This anthology offers an alternative, critical reading of contemporary Turkish politics by problematizing the synthetic articulation of Islamist politics with neoliberal capitalism during the AKP party’s decade-long rule. The contributors offer a detailed analysis of the seemingly contradictory policies of the AKP regime, from social to cultural to foreign policy, with a view to understanding changes in Turkey’s neoliberal order.

The editors contend that the AKP party’s rule should be read on the basis of transformations within capitalism in neoliberal times involving different forms of suppression and exploitation along axes of class, race and gender.

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Edited by: Simten Coşar & and Gamze Yücesan-Özdemir
ISBN: 9781926958149
Year: 2012
Pages: 332
Price: $39.95 USD

Table of Contents

Part I: State, Law and Society

1. Politics and Discourse under the AKP’s Rule: The Marginalisation of Class-Based Politics, Erdoğanisation, and Post-Secularism [21]
Galip Yalman

2. Fragments of Changes in the Legal System in the AKP Years: The Development and Reproduction of Market Friendly Law [43]
Ali Murat Özdemir

3. The AKP’s Hold on Power: Neoliberalism Meets the Turkish-Islamic Synthesis[67]
Simten Coşar

4. Islamist Bourgeoisie and Democracy under the AKP’s Rule: Democratisation or Marketisation of Politics?[93]
Berna Yılmaz

Part II: Social Policy, Citizenship and Gender

5. The Social Policy Regime in the AKP Years: The Emperor’s New Clothes [125]
Gamze Yücesan-Özdemir

6. The AKP’s Citizenisation Project: Where To? [153]
Nalan Soyarık-Şentürk

7. The AKP and the Gender Issue: Shuttling between Neoliberalism and Patriarchy [179]
Metin Yeğenoğlu & Simten Coşar

Part III: Global Interfaces: Politics, Economy and International Relations

8. Turkish Foreign Policy under the AKP Governments: An Interplay of Imperial Legacy, Neoliberal Interests
and Pragmatism [213]
Birgül Demirtaş

9. Internalisation of Dependency: The AKP’s Dance with the Global Institutions of Neoliberalism [251]
Filiz Zabcı

10. The EU and the AKP: A Neoliberal Love Affair? [269]
Zuhal Yeşilyurt-Gündüz


Hearing the Silence of Violence: Neoliberalism and Islamist Politics under the AKP Governments [295]
Simten Coşar & Gamze Yücesan-Özdemir


“…a very timely and provocative work on the recent socio-economic history of Turkey offering new insights on peripheral capitalism and a decisive transformation to market-friendly Islamism.”

A. Erinç Yeldan, Professor of Economics, Bilkent University and author of The Economics of Growth and Distribution (2009)

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