The Security Abolition Manifesto

The Security Abolition Manifesto

Security is the monstrous idea that we are alone and locked into competition over scarce resources, that private property is a natural right, that we need to protect our island of private life against the threat of others, and that we must submit to authority to do so.

Security encourages us to believe that the state exists to protect us from an ever-growing list of internal and external threats, from criminals to terrorists, insurgents to drug cartels, from migrants to refugees, and on it goes.

Security demands we look up and submit to the Leviathan, rather than look across in solidarity to our fellow beings on this planet, human and otherwise. Security tells us that we are obstacles to each other’s freedom, rather than the realization of it.

Book Details

Format: Paperback
Author: The Anti-Security Collective
Language: English
ISBN: 1926958381
ISBN13: 9781926958385
Release Date: June 2024
Publisher: Red Quill Books
Length: 128 Pages
Weight: 0.28 lbs.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1
Trapped in security

Chapter 2
The Thin Blue Line

Chapter 3
Hey, you there!

Chapter 4
No trespassing

Chapter 5
Keep Calm and Carry On

Chapter 6
Shelter in Place


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The Anti-security Collective

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