Uniting Struggles: Critical Social Research in Critical Times

Uniting Struggles: Critical Social Research in Critical Times

With the reverberations of the Great Recession still wreaking havoc throughout much of the world, this issue of Alternate Routes brings together articles based on their dedication to critical social research in critical times. Articles range from an examination of post-9/11 Hollywood cinema to climate-induced migration, neoliberalism and the global economic crisis, labour struggles, left political regroupment, knowledge production in social movements and re-thinking socialism. Included, as well, are short analytical pieces, editorials and interviews with noted activists and academics, and a number of contemporary book reviews.

Book Details

Edited by: Carlo Fanelli and Priscillia Lefebvre
ISBN: 9781926958156
Year: 2011
Pages: 308
Price: $19.50 USD

Table of Contents

1. Anjali Pandey
“War on Terror” via a “War of Words”: Fear, Loathing and Name-calling in Hollywood’s Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

2. Elaine Kelly
A Rough Climate For Migration

3. Martijn Konings
Neoliberalism & the State

4. Randall Germain:
Power, the State and Global Politics After the Great Freeze: Towards a New Articulation?

5. Carlo Fanelli & Priscillia Lefebvre
The Ottawa and Gatineau Museum Workers’ Strike: Precarious Employment and the Public Sector Squeeze

6. Richard Fidler
Québec Solidaire: A Québécois Approach to Building a Broad Left Party

7. Aziz Choudry
On Knowledge Production, Learning and Research in Struggle

8. Jeff Noonen
Socialism as a Life-Coherent Society Interventions

9. Michael Parenti
Profit Pathology and Disposable Planet

10. Pat Armstrong
Canadian Health Care: Privatization and Gendered Labour

11. Sut Jhally
Articulation, Cultural Studies, and Education

12. Michael Perelman
The Invisible Handcuffs of Capitalism: How Market Tyranny Stifles The Economy By Stunting Workers

13. Noam Chomsky
Democracy & the Public University

14. Garry Potter
Imaginaries and Realities, Utopia and Dystopia

Book Reviews

15. Aaron Henry
Zizek, Slavoj. “First As Tragedy, Then As Farce.”

16. Naomi Alisa Calnitsky
Foster, John Bellamy, Brett Clark and Richard York. “The Ecological Rift: Capitalism’s War on the Earth.”

17. Brandon Tozzo
Kolin, Andrew. “State Power and Democracy: Before and After The Presidency Of George W. Bush.”

18. Ryan Boyd
Hugill, David. “Missing Women, Missing News: Covering Crisis in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.”

19. Chris Hurl
Engler, Allan. “Economic Democracy: The Working Class Alternative to Capitalism.”

20. Matthew Nelson
Herman, S. Edward. “The Politics of Genocide.”


“As Occupy Wall Street and its sister movements confront the global capitalist crisis with a long-overdue renewal of debate over capitalism… Alternate Routes explores the why’s and how’s for contemporary societies to do better by going beyond capitalism.”

Richard D. Wolff, Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst) and most recently author of “Capitalism Hits the Fan: The Global Economic Meltdown and What to Do About It.”


“…scholarly yet relevant, and not afraid of moving beyond the constricted parameters of academic orthodoxy.”

Michael Parenti, author of “The Face of Imperialism”, “God and His Demons” and “The Culture Struggle.”


“…timely and insightful material that should be read as widely as possible.”

Janet Siltanen, Director, Institute of Political Economy, Carleton University and author (with Andrea Doucet) of “Gender Relations in Canada: Intersectionality and Beyond.”

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